With our expertise and network, conUgere drives business development & sales. We can rapidly identify new growth areas for your business, pre-select the right partners for you and negotiate terms, and access the right talent for organic growth.

conUgere optimizes marketing & communication. Our deep expertise in performance and content marketing as well as social media communication allows us to increase your return on investment. By harmonizing marketing & communication we ensure that your corporate and product specific messages are in sync.

Depending on the project scope conUgere can access external experts with specific skill sets and backgrounds as well as country & industry related expertise. This approach enables us to address highly individual client requests. Our international network connects experts and boosts collective success.

Based on our long-term expertise gathered in leadership roles in international corporates as well as national start-up companies, we understand our client’s challenges. We provide individualized advice and cover the implementation with a hands-on approach.


business strategy & management

conUgere provides clear strategic advice based on thorough competitive assessments and deep expertise.

  • Analyzing competitive environments, developing market entry & turnaround strategies
  • Conducting due diligence and identifying disruptive technologies
  • Improving operational efficiency to spur growth
  • Management advise and interim manager including coaching and mentoring for young teams

fund raising & exit planning

conUgere provides deep expertise and a healthy network to identify the right partner for your endeavor.

  • Leveraging initial business ideas with external fund raising
  • Identifying best matching business partners for funding
  • Enabling strategic partnerships to take businesses to the next level
  • Evaluating and planning exit options

business development & sales

conUgere provides a health check and enables new business opportunities around the globe to foster sales.

  • Leveraging in-house capabilities to capture growth opportunities
  • Diversifying products & services to meet client demand
  • Enabling strategic partnerships to provide a platform for sustainable growth
  • Identifying the right talent to take your business to the next level

marketing & communication

conUgere identifies road blockers, boosts marketing performance and social media footprints to make businesses shine brightly.

  • Interlocking marketing and product offering to increase return on investment
  • Developing a tailor-made digital marketing strategy
  • Defining state-of-the-art social media marketing suite
  • Ensuring that your corporate and product specific messages are in sync


Experience & recent projects

Set up new management team for a co-working space

  • Coached newly installed young management team running a co-working space
  • Introduced individual mentoring concepts to leverage skill set and match roles & responsibilities

Initiated and designed innovative sales model leveraging capabilities for corporates and fintechs

  • Developed direct to consumer strategy by propelling digital tools; screened global market for best fitting start-up partners and set up long term collaborations
  • Risk Assessment supported by “Riskalyze”, a prime US Fintech provider; Blockchain technology and Robo Advisory services providing synergies and key learnings for B2B2C business

Developed and implemented pioneering co-selling strategy

  • Introduced new concept to jointly pitch asset management and insurance products
  • Increased sales by diversifying the business and implementing a five-pillar distribution strategy to capture growth opportunities


Managing Partner

Heiko is a seasoned international executive developing young and innovative businesses and leveraging established firms. His strengths lie in analysing competitive environments, scaling fast growing companies, increasing revenues and market share.

Heiko is capturing the digital revolution by identifying disruptive technologies, improving operational efficiency and streamlining client journeys to ultimately better serve clients.

Heiko combines elements of strategy, sales and marketing to define and execute the game plan. He professionally navigates collaborations between corporates and start-ups, bridging gaps and creating win-win situations.

He uses excellent networking and relationship management across hierarchies to enable business results. Heiko identifies excellence and confronts weaknesses to unlock value in organizations and spur growth. He is backed by robust skills for large scale projects.

Heiko has held various leadership roles in international corporates as well as national start-up companies. This expertise helps him thoroughly understand clients’ needs. He develops individualized advice in close cooperation with the relevant stakeholders and provides hands-on implementation.


Dr. Heiko D. Müller
Managing Partner
E: heiko@conugere.com
M: +49 170 20 70 697



Dr. Heiko D. Müller
Managing Partner
Email: heiko@conugere.com


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